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Hello, my name is Elsa. I am alive today because Of Gloria! I am a 55 yr. old woman who has never really had any type of illness, well… not until about a month ago. To this day I still don’t know what happened. It all started out with what I thought was a cold then the flu. Gosh, for all I know maybe the swine flu? It felt as if the world was spinning. I couldn’t hold anything down. I swear I didn’t eat for a week. The only thing I could do was stay in bed. I went to the emergency room at least three times. They did every test you can imagine… Cat scan, EKGS, blood work, you name it. They never did find anything wrong with me, they just sent me home. I just kept getting worse. Finally later going back to the hospital they decided that I had vertigo. They told me that it would go away eventually. But it didn’t… I just got sicker and sicker and sicker. I laid in bed for two weeks unable to eat food or drink water. My kids stopped by and read what the doctor said I had, but I was just getting zombie like. They took me back to the hospital, and at that point my health had declined to the point where I looked like death. I was admitted. So began the tests! Again cats scans, EKGS, blood work, even the dreaded spinal tap. They even place a tube up my vain directly to my heart just in case I had a heart attack, so they could shoot adrenaline directly to it. I was soon moved to the ICU with around-the-clock nurses and doctors in my room. They had found something growing on my brain. They thought it might be spinal meningitis, the worst type, which is bacterial. They gave me tons of shots and pills. My brain began to swell, the pressure on my brain started to effect the functions of my body. The left side of my face started to go numb. I began seeing double. I felt like a toy who’s battery was running out. I felt it all slipping away. Then one day one of my boys came to visit and he told me how I looked, how my life force seemed dim. He said how while living on Maui he had made a friend who was into energy work. He told me a little about it, He said he would find someone that could help. At this point I was open to anything, I told him I was game. A few days later he called me and told me how by fate he found out about Gloria. How he met with her and really like her vibe and believed she could help. She stopped by the hospital that night and By God’s Pure Light saved me. She was so gentle with the light of an angel. She laid her hands on me and with her soft voice explained all that she was doing and that in her heart she knew that I would leave the hospital that very next weekend. This was a Friday, and she was telling me that everything would be fine, and that I would be going home very soon. As she began her healing I felt life enter my body again. All the pressure that was in my skull was immediately gone. My face began to have feeling, and all the sleepy/drugged out feeling I had from everything they had put in me was lifted. I was aware again, awaken from my sleep… released from the reapers hand. Gloria was a heaven sent! The next two days were incredible. The swelling in my brain went down, I was moved back to a regular room, and three days later, Tuesday, they sent me home. I was healed! I give my living testimony that Gloria has the power to heal. I am 55 and I have 6 children, 8 grandchildren, and a husband that I love very much. I am too young to die and because I had FAITH and BELIEVED, I was healed. Gloria is vessel of God, she was able to heal me. I am now, I would say 98% back to normal. I am back to work and I have a new friend in Gloria! Gloria Thank You, may God grant you love and true happiness.

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